Customizing budget lines translations

GobiertoBudgets module displays budget lines information across the years. Although Gobierto provides a default dictionary of categories and subcategories in the supported locales, sometimes the organizations have a highly specialized dictionary of subcategories (specially in levels 3 and 4).

Gobierto provides two useful tools to add custom translations:

Find missing categories

Go to you gobierto folder and run:

bin/rails gobierto_budgets:missing_categories:check[mydomain.test]

Where mydomain.test should be one of the sites configured. The output will show a message like:

 - Written file /tmp/missing_categories_1.csv

That file is a plain CSV with these columns:

  • Area: (E, economic, F, functional, or C, custom)
  • Tipo: (G, gasto, expenses or I, ingreso, income)
  • Codigo: the budget line code
  • Nombre
  • Descripcion

Upload custom categories

Gobierto provides a task to upload a CSV like the one described above and customize budget categories.

rails gobierto_budgets:custom_categories:import[site_domain,file_path,locale]


  • site_domain should be the domain of one of the sites
  • file_path should be the path to the categories file
  • locale should be one of the valid locales (ca, en, or es)

If a category is not found in a locale, the search will fallback to other locales.