Integrating the DynamicContent component


The DynamicContent component consists on a base feature that allows
managing schema free content blocks, and a collection of helpers which
significantly ease the integration process.

Note: This is still under development.


A good integration sample can be found in the GobiertoPeople::Person
implementation. Anyways, in order to make things clearer, we would like
to recap the steps to follow:

Setting up the model associations

It is only required to import a Model concern in any subclass of
ApplicationRecord, which is available via:

include ::GobiertoCommon::DynamicContent

Processing Content Block records at Form object level

There is also a Helper module that can be just included in any of our
Form classes, like this:

include ::GobiertoCommon::DynamicContentFormHelper

After having included the Helper module, the resource accessor method
(e.g. person) must be aliased to content_context to let the Helper
manage its Content Blocks for us:

def person
  @person ||= ...
alias content_context person

Finally, the result of processing and/or building a collection of Content
Block Records can be retrieved through the content_block_records
method, so there is only need to set the corresponding attribute on a
saving action:

def save_person
  @person = person.tap do |person_attributes|
    person_attributes.content_block_records = content_block_records

Permitting parameters through the Controller Helper

A set of parameters that must be permitted through the
Strong Parameters
feature is available at dynamic_content_attributes, right after
including the corresponding Helper at Controller level:

include ::GobiertoCommon::DynamicContentHelper
def resource_params

Rendering the dynamic content form

In order to expose the Dynamic content management form in the UI, there
is a form builder that can be rendered within this partial view:

<%= render "gobierto_admin/gobierto_common/dynamic_content/form", form_builder: f %>

Testing support

Last but not least, there are a couple of helper methods that could be
included in our Integration test cases to avoid repeating ourselves:

require "support/integration/dynamic_content_helpers"

include Integration::DynamicContentHelpers

Those helper methods are:


The fill_in_content_blocks method pre-fills any Dynamic
Content-related fields as a preparatory step to make the
final assertions in assert_content_blocks_have_the_right_values.

There is also a helper method that can be used to check every single
action regarding Content block record management: